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Guyson Formula Blast range
The Formula range is ideal for light/medium industrial use and offers alternative cabinet sizes and options at competitive prices.

F1400 and F1600 models are suitable for small workshops, garages and maintenance departments. The F2000 is available for larger components.

As the exclusive distributor here in NZ for Guyson International we have available Guysons range of media blasting machines accessories and supplies.

Other model blast gun parts are available on request.


25kg Bag of AD Grade Glass bead.

*106-212 Micron
*Medium Grade


*Contain no free silica.
*Environmentally friendly.
*Clean quickly without significant metal removal.
*Impact a controlled, clean finish on a variety of metals.
*Are chemically inert and will not leave ferrous or other undesirable residues on the surface of the workpiece.
*Can be recycled many times.
*Clean efficiently at 45 - 60 nozzle angle.

*sand blasting
*bead blasting
*glass bead blasting


Freight is $20+GST to south island centres

and $25+GST for north island centres

High Performing blasting garnet packaged in 25kg bags


C Grade 0.71 - 0.21 mm  30/60 mesh

Suitable for Medium applications such as Mill Scale, booth blasting and painted steel  that require a medium profile.


Freight is $20+GST to south island centres

and $25+GST for north island centres



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