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  • Bar graph numerical digital display
  • Resolution: 0.0005" / 0.001mm
  • Preset size of master for absolute reading and minimum hold feature to lock the bore size
  • Preset with Recall
  • ABS/IBS measurement
  • Min/Max/Tir
  • Range: 1.4" - 6"  (35mm-150mm)
  • Use on blocks, heads, flywheels etc
  • Split Collets grip firmly without causing damage
  • A High-quality tool that lets you reuse dowel pins

Slide Hammer Action removes stubborn dowels


Kits include slide hammer assembly with basin, storage case and 4 collets: 1/4",  5/16",  3/8",  7/16".

  • Injection molded Polypropylene handles.
  • Synthetic filaments for resistance to solvent cleaners.
  • All metal parts are either stainless steel or brass for corrosion resistance.
  • These are superior tools that will make each and every job easier and faster, saving both time and money.

Without tube, Has a 0.500-0.600 fitting

  • Fast cutting and self-centering
  • Flexible drive shaft sets stone tension
  • Fits 2" to 7" Diameter cylinders
  • Use with Portable Drill

Comes with medium grit stones

Coarse Replacement Stones     part# 4198

Medium Replacement Stones    part# 4201

Fine Replacement Stones          part# 2402

When an engine reaches the temperature of the heat tab that is installed, the centre will melt out, providing fast visual evidence!

 2 temperature ranges,

  • High Temp 121-124˚C   (250-255˚F)
  • Low Temp 107-110˚C    (225-230˚F)


Swivel tool prevents cuts from machined edges, chamfers and bolt holes so parts mate tightly. Comes with 2 blades;

one for aluminum and steel, one for cast iron and brass.





The Peeler is amazingly efffective at removing silicone gasket material. It also works well when removing paper or fiber gasket residue. It is much easier and faster than common knives or scrapers.

The Peeler's unique, self-leveling conical blade does not dig or gouge into surfaces. Free rotation of the blade maintains a good, sharp cutting edge without nicks or flat spots. The Peeler can be used in any of the following motions: forward, backward, sideways, circular and upside-down.
The hand-held Peeler features a short, easy-to-hold handle for close, powerful control of the blade. If necessary, the hardened steel blade can be re-ground and is easily replaced.
  • Eliminate Crank Journal Damage

Connecting rod bolt protectors help
avoid crankshaft journal and rod bolt
damage during installation & removal.

Comes as a Set of 8

Manual Valve Spring Press

The VFP50 head bench is the ultimate example of Trego's ingenuity used to create a simple, innovative and practical device for an otherwise challenging process. It makes installing and removing valve springs, collets and retainers amazingly fast even in small, hard to reach places.


The VFP50's self supporting design means you don't need to clamp cylinder heads into the press. Multi-axis adjustment allows you to handle virtually any configuration and size of cylinder head. Supplied with time-saving tools for the highest effeciency.


  • Head rail width - 0 - 490mm
  • Head rail incline - 0 - 45° (forward only)
  • C-Frame movement - x = 490mm - y = 84mm - z = 165mm
  • C-Frame incline - 0 - 30° (either side)
  • Overall dimensions - 670 x 560 x 880mm (assembled)


  •  28mm Pressure foot


  • 18mm Pressure foot
  • 23mm Pressure foot
  • 35mm Pressure foot
  • 5mm, 6mm, 7mm & 8mm Valve keeper tools
  • Valve keeper magnet

The PR-8 Sonic tester is the first affordable Sonic tester,utilizing state-of-the-art digital technology to produce fast and accurate readings.It requires no special training.

Wuth the PR-8, you can make accurate reliable measurements and scan a length of material for the thinest point.

Typical automotive applications include:

  • Cylinders                       
  • Head Ports
  • Roll Cages
  • Chassis Tubing
  • Body Panels
  • Windshields

Other units available for different purposes contact us for info

* Insert in place of pushrod and unscrew until proper geometry is achieved.

*21 Rings surround the barrel, each 0.050" apart

* Laser engraved with beginning & ending range.

* Comes with 4 pushrods ranging 5.80 - 9.80

1. 5.80" - 6.80"

2. 6.80" - 7.80"

3. 7.80" - 8.80"

4. 8.80" - 9.80"

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