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ER is a pure concentrate that is not diluted with oil. ER is a liquied chemical formula designed to be added to your existing oil to improve and protect moving metal parts. ER is activated by heat and friction to protect against wear created by the moving parts in your engine. ER is not a typical oil additive, but the first "true" and "original" Antifriction Metal Conditioner. ER significantly smooths rough surfaces of metal by modifying the first few microns of the metal surface. This unique chemical process results in stronger and smoother metal partsWhen ER is added, and friction and wear are reduced in any vehicle or equipment that has moving parts, any of the following may occur: increased performance, improved combustion efficiency, increased fuel economy, reduced operating temperatures, quieter operation, reduced oil consumption, extended oil life, easier cold starts and extended vehicle life.

Product Engine Additives/Treatments
Product Engine Additives/Treatments
  5oz      was $20.28 +GST now $15.00 +GST On Special!
  16oz      was $53.01 +GST now $34.38 +GST On Special!

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