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HD Flexhone
  • For bore sizes  2" 3/4 - 3"
  •  Heavy Duty
  • 3" (76mm)


Order by bore size
The GBD Series Flex-Hone tools are designed for bore diameters from 3" thru 8" in a twisted-in-wire construction. 3 thru 4-1/2" diameter tools are 13 -1/2" OAL. 5" thru 8" diameter tools are 17-1/2" OAL. Heavy-duty Flex-Hones are commonly used for block cylinders or liners, stationary diesel, oil and gas pipes, marine engine and many other applications. The heavy duty tool is recommended for large diameter or high production applications. Additional abrasive types and grits are available.

 Check out the industrial section for standard duty and different sized flex hones


Bore Diameter Metric 76mm
Bore Diameter Metric 76mm
Bore Diameter Imperial 3
Bore Diameter Imperial 3
  320grit          $440.00 +GST  

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