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Nulon Trade Strength Oil System Cleaner

is formulated to safely dissolve and dislodge sludge, carbon deposits and other harmful combustion by-products that accumulate within an engine's lubrication system during normal operation.

Unleaded petrol, very much higher operating temperatures, increased power output and extended oil change intervals all contribute to oxidation and sludge formation. As a result, engine oils have more to cope with and are under much more stress than ever before. Built-up engine deposits are the greatest cause of failure in modern engines.

Environmental pressure and consumer demand have brought about extended oil change intervals. Manufacturer recommended oil change intervals are for vehicles that operate under ideal conditions. Few vehicles operate under such conditions, which means that the oil's additives degrade quicker, hence the oil should be changed more frequently. However, this does not happen and increased sludge and carbon forms as a result.

It makes absolutely no sense to add clean oil to a dirty engine. When added to the crankcase prior to an oil and filter change, Nulon Trade Strength Oil System Cleaner greatly assists in ridding the engine of potentially damaging contaminants. Nulon Oil System Cleaner also helps to free sticky hydraulic valve lifters. Thermal efficiency of the engine is also improved by ridding the engine of insulating sludge build-up. Oil System Cleaner provides a cleaner environment for fresh oil to operate in, so the detergent, dispersant and anti-oxidant additives in the new oil are not depleted as quickly.

Do not use this product in an engine that is known to have excessive sludge and carbon build-up. Carbon particles flushed from the top of the engine into the sump may not drain out. In such cases the oil pick-up will be heavily contaminated and picking up the extra loose carbon which may block the pick-up completely.


  • Dissolves sludge in oil strainer screens
  • Safely cleans soft carbon and sludge
  • Helps free-up sticky piston rings
  • Provides a cleaner environment for new engine oil, when used as directed
  • New oil stays cleaner for longer


  • Suitable for petrol, gas and diesel engines
  • Safe to use in older engines
  • Will not harm oil seals or gaskets

Product Engine Additives/Treatments
Product Engine Additives/Treatments
  Nulon oil System Cleaner 450ml box of 6          $154.08 +GST  

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