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Nulon Engine Oil Flush

is formulated to dissolve and dislodge harmful sludge, dirt, varnish and other contaminants that accumulate within an engine's lubrication system during normal operation.

Although modern engines are cleaner from an environmental aspect, all the pollutants of engine combustion previously released to the atmosphere are now recirculated within the engine. Consequently, lubricating oils have a much more difficult task in cleaning and suspending all of these additional contaminants.

When added to the crankcase oil prior to an oil and filter change, Nulon Engine Oil Flush greatly assists in ridding the engine of potentially damaging contaminants. Nulon Engine Oil Flush also frees sticky valves and hydraulic lifters. Thermal efficiency of the engine is also improved by ridding the engine of insulating sludge build-up. EOF provides a cleaner environment for fresh oil to operate, so the detergent dispersant and anti-oxidant additives in the new oil are not depleted as quickly.


  • Cleans all lubricated components
  • Reduces sludge, varnish and dirt contaminants
  • Frees sticky valves and hydraulic lifters
  • Improves overall engine efficiency
  • Extends the service life of new oil
  • Reduces the possibility of oil galleys being blocked, thus reducing the possibility of engine failure


  • Nulon Engine Oil Flush is extremely simple to use and improves the environment in which lubricating oil operates. EOF is suitable for use with all synthetic and mineral oils
  • Suitable for petrol, gas and diesel engines
  • Safe to use in older engines
  • Will not harm oil seals or gaskets

Product Engine Additives/Treatments
Product Engine Additives/Treatments
  Nulon Engine Oil Flush 300ml Box of 12          $195.63 +GST  

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