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Nulon Long Term Engine Treatment

is the ultimate in long-term, low-cost engine protection and friction reduction for petrol engines. Nulon E30 contains ultra-fine particles of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which has the lowest co-efficient of friction known to science.

This unique formulation is blended with high-grade carrier oils and other proprietary performance additives. The end result is a product which, when used only once, will provide a residual low friction surface on all moving parts that will last up to 80,000 km (50,000 miles).

Q. How does it bond?
A. Friction and pressure generated under normal operating conditions are sufficient to mechanically bond the sub-micron particles of PTFE to all engine friction surfaces.

Nulon E30 is extremely cost efficient as most oil additives have to be added to the engine oil with each service, whereas Nulon E30 is a once off treatment every 80,000 kilometres (50,000 miles). Rigorous field-testing has proven the long-lasting residual protection of Nulon E30.

Note 1. The long-term residual benefits are only attainable in petrol (gasoline) powered engines.

Note 2. Nulon E30 is recommended for engines considered to be mechanically sound.


  •  Lasts up to 80,000 kilometres (50,000 miles).
  •  Reduces cold start-up damage as the PTFE coating provides adequate lubrication until oil pressure is attained.
  • Extends engine life.
  • Promotes a quieter, smoother engine.
  • Improves fuel consumption.
  • Reduces engine temperature.
  • Is cost efficient.

Product Engine Additives/Treatments
Product Engine Additives/Treatments
  Nulon long term Engine Treatment 500ml box of 6          $458.53 +GST  

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