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Nulon Stop Smoke

has been specifically formulated to reduce exhaust smoke caused by burning oil. The two most common causes of oil burning are worn piston rings and worn and hard valve stem seals. Both are associated with normal wear and tear over an extended period of time. With stricter controls on exhaust emissions being imposed recently, motor vehicle owners have to be particularly aware of visible smoke.

Nulon Stop Smoke is a state-of-the-art, sheer stable, long chain polymer which, when used according to the directions, increases the viscosity of the parent motor oil. The resultant increase in viscosity of the oil simply makes it more difficult for the oil to flow past the piston rings or the valve stem seals into the combustion chamber where, of course, it is burnt.

Nulon Stop Smoke is extremely sheer stable which means it does not lose its viscosity at elevated operating temperatures � a common symptom in worn engines.

Increasing the viscosity of the oil has the benefit of reducing undesirable engine noises so typical of worn engines, such as noisy timing chains, piston slap and gudgeon noise.

The special long chain polymer technology used in the formulation of Nulon Stop Smoke is long lasting, which means it lasts the life of good quality oil, unlike many competitive products.

Nulon Stop Smoke represents excellent value for money as it is probably the largest container on the market and for typical four cylinder engines half of one bottle is adequate treatment.

Nulon Stop Smoke is suitable for use in petrol, diesel and LP gas engines. The long chain polymer viscosity improving characteristics ensure an improved seal between pistons, rings and cylinder walls, which produces optimum cylinder pressures.


  • Reduced exhaust smoke
  • Reduced oil loss and burning
  • Reduced fouling of spark plugs
  • Boosts oil pressure
  • Boosts cylinder compression
  • Quietens engine noise

Note: Nulon Stop Smoke is formulated with the prime purpose of stopping exhaust smoke caused by burning oil.

Nulon E10 Worn Engine Treatment should be used to reduce wear and it is compatible with Nulon Stop Smoke.

Nulon Engine Stop Leak should be used where leaks are the prime concern. It is also compatible with Nulon Stop Smoke.

Product Engine Additives/Treatments
Product Engine Additives/Treatments
  Nulon Stop Smoke 500ml box of 12          $258.63 +GST  

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