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Black light Bulb 1532M
1532M 100 Watt ES27 Medium skirted screw base, Par 38 Style for Lectromax 1500-100 and newer units
Black light Bulb Egg Shaped 1500-4
1500-4 125 Watt "Egg shaped" E27 Base for Lectromax 1500 Blacklight unit and various early model power supplies.
Black light Bulbs are available for Lectromax, Magnaflux, Repco and various other NDT black light power sources.

Please ask us for the correct bulb for your powersupply before ordering.

  1532M 100 Watt Par38 ES27 MDSK Bulb      P.O.A. Please contact us.
  1500-4 125 Watt E27 Base egg shaped Bulb      P.O.A. Please contact us.

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